Our saffron quality is guaranteed for its distinctive long, flat, silky threads, extraordinary aroma, powerful coloring, and flavoring capabilities. Our purpose is to offer you a 100% natural product, and therefore our first goal is quality, so when the product reaches your hands you can fully enjoy the quality of an outstanding product.

Super Negin:

This type of saffron that called Super Negin , Is the highest quality of other types of saffron In terms of the power of color , taste and aroma. . Super Negin threads are longer in length and contain no yellow or orange threads. The threads are cut symmetrically and contain no crumbs. Super Negin is differentiated from normal Negin strands by its color, length and thickness.


The highest quality of saffron threads is called “Negin” and means translated “The diamond on a ring”. This most precious type of saffron belongs to the best quality, because it has the volume and the stigma length of the type Pushal and at the same time the color strength of the type Sargol.


This grade consists of only dark red stigma tips and has the highest quality compared to the other types. Quality Sargol is obtained by screening the quality Pushal. All white and orange components of the saffron threads are removed and only the single red tips of the saffron threads remain, so that the concentration of color and aroma substances is highest.


Pushal saffron is the stigma part of the plant attached to a 1-3 mm style end. Quality Pushal is obtained by completely removing the 3 stigmas from the dried saffron flower. The white components are removed. The orange and red components of the saffron threads remain.

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